Outside-the-Box Real Estate Promotion and Marketing Ideas and Tips

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Creating a memorable online presence that helps you stand out in a competitive market feels like an impossible task. There are many real estate websites that offer high-quality content and great-looking photos, which makes it easy to get overwhelmed.

If you’re looking to stand out among the competition, create effective promotions and marketing strategies to attract more leads…

This post is for you.

Here are some outside-the-box real estate marketing ideas that have been proven to deliver results.

While it’s true there’s no one-size-fits-all marketing solution, these ideas are all worth exploring and may be just what you need to grow your business.

Just imagine: If a small change could make your business thrive, wouldn’t you want to know about it?


Create a solid and consistent marketing strategy

To be successful at real estate, you can’t just sell houses, you also need to market your business and build a brand.

When you’re not selling a house, you should be looking for new potential sellers, and when you’re not buying a house, you should be looking for new potential buyers.

Marketing strategies are what separates the successful from the unsuccessful in any business industry. In real estate, marketing strategies can be the difference between making money and losing money.

Use these ideas and tips to develop a solid strategy that will help you reach more customers.

Answer real estate questions from sellers and buyers on your blog

Existing real estate blog content is a good resource to help you with your article ideas, but it can also be used to drive traffic back to your site by answering other people’s questions.

Tapping into the current trends in the real estate industry is a great way of generating fresh, new content for your blog. This will help you build up a following and as your blog grows, so does your reputation and traffic.

For example, if you search for any question a seller or a buyer may ask, be certain to explore the related questions that are being searched on a consistent basis.

By answering questions on your blog you will be able to answer some of those questions, and you will have a blog post that can rank well in Google.


Use your pet as a model in listing photos

One trend in real estate photography that’s growing in popularity is incorporating pets into the photos.

Having pictures of your pet is a good way to personalize your listing, show off your home and may even attract potential buyers with pets of their own.

Not only does it add a fun element to your listing photos, but it can also help you stand out from the competition.

It’s unlikely that anyone else has done the same for their listings!


Instagram and Facebook stories create exponential exposure

Real estate videos on Instagram and Facebook have been proven to attract more attention than just photos, so you should definitely consider adding video clips of your properties.

Just remember that the video must be vertical in order for people to be able to watch the entire thing in their feed!

By taking short clips of the homes, you can quickly and easily post them on either platform and reach out to local buyers in your area.

If you’re already using social media, try taking some video snaps of the home’s best features and posting them on your Instagram or Facebook story.

For sellers, give tips on how people can improve their homes by adding landscaping or upgrading kitchen cabinets.

This will allow prospective sellers and buyers to see what they might be missing out on if they don’t get in touch with you right away.

Create your Google My Business listing

If you’re a real estate agent, you know that as important as your website is for online lead generation and establishing your brand, it’s not the only place potential clients will go to find you.

In fact, most people looking for a home start by searching for local agents on Google.

Furthermore, Realtor.com says about 3 billion people worldwide search for real estate each month, and around half of them start their search on Google.

Agents who have their own websites with a solid digital marketing strategy are getting 80% more leads than those who don’t.

Setting up a Google My Business page is one way that agents can get their name out there and make it easier for potential clients to find them.

This page allows agents to add information, including an address, phone number and website link, as well as any additional details they want to share with prospective clients.

It’s free and easy to set up, and it helps the agent get found in search results.


Find out where your sellers and buyers hang out

The internet has made it easier than ever to market to people, but the trick is knowing where your target audience hangs out.

What websites do they read? What social networks do they use? Where do they go when they need advice? What are their favorite places to shop, dine and hang out? What will create an emotional connection?

This is what matters.

You have to know your customers and what they want before you can deliver it to them.

For home buyers, think about how you make your offer irresistible. For example, if a suburb has great schools nearby, you could highlight that with an offer. If there are parks and bike paths nearby, you could add those amenities as well.

For home sellers, think about what makes your home stand out from the others on the market in your area. Is there something unique about it? Could you mention something about its history or why it has a lot of energy? Or is there something you’ve done to make it energy efficient? If so, you could mention that in your marketing as well.

The best marketing strategy is the one that incorporates your target audience’s favorite places and meets them where they are (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.).

Take action on these out-the-box marketing tips and ideas

As home buyers and sellers become more sophisticated, marketers need to rethink the way listings are presented.

It’s time for real estate professionals to use online marketing as an opportunity to create a positive relationship with potential customers, not just to put properties in front of people.

If you start now, you can be sure your business will succeed in any market and position itself for long-term success.

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