Do NOT Hire a Professional Photographer or Videographer for Your Listings (Until You Read This!)

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A lot of newer real estate agents think they need to hire a professional photographer or videographer to get great results with their listings, but that’s just not the case.

In fact, thanks to advancements in technology, today there are more options than ever before to capture professional-looking shots!

Truth is you do NOT need to hire a professional real estate photographer or videographer for your listings. With the right planning and execution, you can take high quality shots directly from your smartphone.

In this post you are about to discover how anyone can start taking real estate listings photos like a professional.

Put your smartphone to work

The real estate photography and videography market is a huge business. And it’s no wonder why. As a real estate agent, you know firsthand how crucial it is to have quality photos and videos of homes for sale.

The right photos help you advertise your listings online, where you can reach more potential buyers. They also help potential buyers envision themselves in the home they see online or in person. But good photos are expensive and time-consuming to produce.

So, how can you get high-quality images of homes for sale without spending too much money? The answer lies with your smartphone camera, which already has everything you need to take stunning photos that will stand out among the rest.


Here are some tips to help you take high-quality photos of homes for sale with your smartphone:

Use a tripod or smartphone holder

Use a tripod or a smartphone holder to ensure that you’re capturing beautiful photos without any blurriness. Using these devices will help keep your camera steady, which will in turn result in more clear and crisp photos.

When photographing outdoors on a windy day, it’s best to use a tripod so that your photos don’t become distorted.

Ensure you have good lighting

When taking real estate photos, it’s important to ensure you have good lighting so the colors in your photos are true and the house doesn’t look gloomy.

Good lighting will also provide more detail and clarity.

Choose your composition

To take a great picture of any object, it’s helpful to learn about composition. Composition is what makes an image interesting and appealing to the eye.

For example, if you were taking a picture of a house from across the street, you could stand directly in front of it and capture an image of the front of the house by simply pointing and shooting your camera phone.

Turn off the flash

Using the flash on your camera may seem like the obvious thing to do when taking pictures in dimly-lit rooms.

However, using the flash can actually cause problems with both your photos and your video if you’re not familiar with how to use it.

In our blog, 7 Photography Hacks for Real Estate Agents HERE, you’ll learn more hacks how to do it yourself and save thousands of dollars on listings!

In conclusion…

Smartphone photography is an excellent way for agents to capture and market stunning photos of their listings, regardless of whether or not they have professional equipment.

Photography is an art, but a great photographer understands the science behind their craft.

By understanding and mastering the basics of photography, real estate agents can create highly marketable and profitable listings.

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