7 Photography Hacks for Real Estate Agents

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In a world that relies so much on visuals, one of the best ways to make your listings stand out is through real estate photography.

Barbara Cochran who built the largest residential realty in New York, and now a Shark on Shark Tank, stated “Buyers decide in the first eight seconds of seeing a home if they’re interested in buying it. Get out of your car, walk in their shoes and see what they see within the first eight seconds.”

Your photos must grab the buyer in these 8 seconds…

While you might be under the belief that good photography requires top of the line equipment and a master photographer, the fact is that it doesn’t.

Using some simple tips, you can take photos and videos for your listings that prospective buyers will flock to by using one or more of these 7 hacks for real estate photographers.

Hack #1: Create your own style and keep angles straight

Be creative with your photography so that people can easily envision themselves living in the space you are trying to sell.

When you are shooting from different angles, it is important to keep your camera steady and at the same level. This will help you avoid distortion when you are editing the photos.

Our eyes like to see straight lines and if there are any curves or distortions in your photo, the viewer’s eyes will automatically go to that spot. In addition, it is best not to be too close or too far away when taking the shot. Although it sounds obvious, sometimes photographers forget to do this and they miss some good shots.

It is always advisable to shoot from a higher angle rather than a lower one. This ensures that you have captured all aspects in your shot.


Hack #2: Use vibrant images, but not over-saturated

The main purpose of the photos is to attract the attention of potential buyers. Vibrant images catch the eye and make a lasting impression.

One element that can be easily overdone is saturation (where the color seems too rich). When this happens, it makes the image look fake, and much different than what the home looks like in reality, setting up the buyer for disappointment.

Hack #3: Use natural light indoors – this helps eliminate shadows

Good lighting is essential for good photos and homes with a spacious feel and an inviting atmosphere sell the fastest.

Pictures of rooms with natural lighting often sell faster than pictures taken in lower light.

Light should be coming in from the side, not directly overhead. This allows you to create a sense of depth in the image, bring out the colors and help eliminate shadows.

If you don’t have natural light coming in through a window, take the home photos in the early afternoon.


Hack #4: Play up the main room

The most important room in any home is the living room, as it is the main area of the home that you will use to entertain guests and conduct the majority of your daily activities.

A well-designed living room can make a big difference in the appeal of any property. That’s why it’s important to know how to photograph a living room with appeal.

A showcase real estate photo needs to highlight the main features of the living space as much as possible, such as windows, doors and other major pieces of furniture. By focusing on these major focal points, you’ll be able to create an inviting atmosphere for potential buyers to imagine themselves relaxing in their new home.

Hack #5: Show the outside from indoors – breezeway shot

Your photos should make buyers want to see more. That means showing off the home’s best assets, including landscaping and outdoor living spaces. Make it easy for people to imagine themselves living there.

How do you do this? By taking pictures that show off the outside view of the home from the inside view. These so-called “breezeway shots” are the perfect way for buyers to get a sense of how the exterior of the home connects to the interior.

To take breezeway shots, position yourself at an angle from the door used most often: ideally, in a room with large windows or French doors that connect to the outside.

For example, if you enter and exit through the front door, stand outside by those doors and look in through a window. If you enter through a side door into a laundry room, stand near that door and look into a nearby window or through the glass panes of the door itself.

The angle creates a photo that shows off what’s on either side of the entrance – and gives buyers a glimpse of what they’ll see when they come in.

Hack #6: Show off the backyard

When it comes time to photograph the home’s exterior, think about what you would like viewers to see or imagine in their minds when they look at your photos.

Just as there is a “right” way to photograph a room inside a house so that it looks its best, there are also some best practices for shooting external shots.

The photos you choose to show off the backyard can play a big part of the sale and are one of the most important pictures in your listing.

Showcase attractive areas like gardens, porches and patios. Make sure to capture different times of day, especially if you’re selling in a neighborhood with distinct seasons.

You should always remember that the purpose of the backyard is to attract buyers who want a relaxing oasis to enjoy with family and friends.

Hack #7: Do something different for artistic flair – a 360 tour

The beautiful homes you see in magazines and on the Internet are not just staged to perfection.

They’re also photographed in ways that best highlight and display the property.

This is particularly true of real estate listings, where a 360-degree tour of the home can show buyers what they’re missing – and make them want it more.

Tours are simple to create and view. Anyone with a smartphone or camera can take a series of photos of a house from different angles, create the tour and upload it to the listing.

Including a 360-degree tour in your listing gives you an opportunity to attract more buyers and sell the home faster.


Wrapping it up…

Photography is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to real estate agents. Using great pictures and videos can help sell a home, which can mean more money in your pocket.

Staging a home for photos is an art, and a little bit of science. There are certain rules of composition that will make your property look appealing and inviting.

Your buyers may feel more confident about buying the home if they have a better view of it without having to walk through first. This will raise the sale price and get them into a more desirable neighborhood.

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